A message from Founder Faith Boyle

Instant Karma Dog Training was born out of a lost childhood dream, a promise to the Universe, and the remarkable series of events that followed -- events that brought me back to a self that I'd lost touch with, and to what I believe is my "divine calling."

When I was 10 years old, my beloved poodle, Frenchie, died tragically after being disciplined by a well-meaning family member who was following the popular training advice of that time. The event left an indelible mark that changed me and would ultimately alter the course of my life.

Years later, in the midst of a successful corporate career, I found myself restless and yearning for something that would give my life deeper meaning and joy. A longtime animal rights advocate, rescue volunteer, and adoptive mom to numerous four-legged children, I knew in my heart that my purpose on this earth had something to do with helping animals. But there had always been reasons (excuses) why I couldn't possibly do the things my heart and soul were most drawn to. On this particular day, though, I asked for "divine guidance" and made a written vow to be open to whatever the Universe presented. What happened after that was truly miraculous . . . .

Within a couple of weeks, what "presented" was an opportunity to apply for an intensive training program with veteran dog trainer John Van Olden of San Francisco. I was selected for the program from over 750 applicants, and once I took the first step there was no turning back. It was like every cell in my body was cheering, "What the heck took you so long?!!!"

After finishing the training program, I continued honing my skills by donating services to local shelters and rescue groups, concentrating my efforts on some of their hardest-to-adopt dogs. Impressed with the dramatic results I was able to achieve, they soon began referring adoptive families to me for private training.

Today, I have a growing list of satisfied clients, and my volunteer work continues with renewed joy. The memory of my lost childhood friend is given new meaning through the life of every dog I help to save, and with every home where I help restore hope and harmony. My training and education are ongoing, as there are endless new techniques and philosophies to learn about. And I'm no longer yearning -- just extremely happy and extraordinarily grateful every single day.  

Cammy & me w-Santa-crop
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December 2007, with Irvine shelter's longest resident, Cammy, telling Santa her wish at the annual holiday adoption event. She found her forever home after just
6 weeks of training, following
11 months at the shelter.

Faith&Roxy waterfall crop
Faith Sig

With Roxy, whom I adopted from the shelter in 2009 after her second family abandoned her for being "uncontrollably dog-aggressive." Today, she pays it forward by assisting me in training
sessions with client dogs who are
extremely reactive, fearful, or shy.

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