If you landed here, you probably have an important decision to make – one that could impact your entire future relationship with your beloved companion. Maybe you’re just wanting to get your new puppy or rescue dog off to a great start… maybe you already have a well-trained dog who just has a couple “issues”… or maybe you have a more serious problem that’s pushed you to the point of thinking you might to have to give up on your best friend. Whatever goals or challenges brought you here, it’s likely that you’re searching for INFORMED answers to your questions, COMPASSIONATE guidance you can trust, and HUMANE training solutions that will work.

Book stores and the Internet are overflowing with conflicting advice and confusing jargon. TV shows make dog training look so easy, but things never seem to work quite the same way in real life. It’s no wonder that pet parents are confused. When professional trainers don’t even agree with each other, how in the world do “regular folks” know what to do or believe?!

There isn’t any “one right way” that works for every dog, any more than there’s one self-improvement program that works for every person. We’re complex and unique beings – dogs and humans alike. THE ONLY “RIGHT ANSWER” IS THE ONE THAT GIVES YOU THE RESULTS YOU WANT IN A WAY THAT’S ENJOYABLE FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG – taking your uniqueness, preferences, and real life into account. Period.

That’s what Instant Karma Dog Training has built its reputation on: making the training fit each client, instead of the other way around.

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